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5 mini workshops to activate your full, authentic Expression.

Learn how to create your own life, designed specifically for YOU, by YOU.

1. Being YOU Powerfully.

What does it mean to BE YOU? Monique explores this concept in her 5 day series on Creation.


Learn how to create your own life, designed specifically for YOU.

2. Learning to Understand your OWN needs.

Many of us walk around thinking we know what we need, but often, these 'needs' have just been inherited from family or society.


What does it mean to understand your own needs? And how can you go about uncovering what will truly feed you?

3. Feeling Free in your Skin.

Creating a life that has you feel free to be YOU, exactly as you are. Let's talk about how to own all of who you are.

4. Shining Bright.

5. Tapping into Divine Love.

What is divine love and what's the benefit of 'tapping' into it?


When we allow ourselves the opportunity to notice all the miracles around us, we are gifted access to miracles within us and for us. Divine love is honoring and accepting all that you are.

We all have the capacity to shine bright in the world. Why don't we always do it?


Join me to talk about ways to make sure our lights never go dull.

Bonus Conversation

An intimate conversation on race and identity in America with cultural disrupter Monique DeBose. Listen in on a conversation between an African American woman / mixed race woman / white woman about our unique experiences related to our racial make up and ethnic background and how we can learn to LISTEN to each other to foster a more compassionate experience.

Let's talk Race and Identity - 

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