It was the most creatively energizing vocal practice I have ever experienced. I would love to do it again!

— Johan Beckles, Los Angeles

One of the BEST coaching sessions I’ve ever had was with Monique DeBose. Monique’s Wholistic Voice Coaching sessions are gentle, yet sharp. She has a graceful way of calling forth the splendor within, in an almost seamless manner. I went into my first session thinking it was going to be a certain way; however, the organic way it unfolded blew my mind. I strongly recommend that you experience the treasure it is to work with Monique.

— Eridania Garcia, New York

Monique's work is sharp, focussed and smart. I was lucky enough to have a session with her. Our time was fun, engaging, heartfelt and brutally honest. She's helped me have an honesty with myself which has enabled me to approach my new show with a clarity and a bravery to truly express myself in the way I want. If you want a kick start, or an injection of honesty and a safe place to explore your work, your self and your heart. Then book her.

— Emma Stroud, London

Incredible! I actually cried on my drive home, (tears of joy) because I feel like my voice that has been dormant for way too many years was awoken. THANK YOU for the safe environment and the creative space to come alive again. I didn’t realize just how much I miss singing, and craved the proper outlet to do so.

— Christina Drahos, Los Angeles


You are a star and are making an impact and difference by telling your story. I'm thrilled by your commitment to the process of this epic show- and I admire your courage and authenticity in sharing your story and experience. I for one, am one whose eyes have been widened and my heart more open- and my ears more willing and able to listen. Thank you for using your voice and telling your story.

— Allison Crow, Austin, TX

Thank you for a magical evening. You are brilliant! What an honor to be in the room with you. I am transformed and expanded.

— Karen Pery, Los Angeles

You demonstrate in a BOLD way just how beautiful and powerful and refreshing authenticity is. Your willingness to share your full self- your joy, your anger, fears, your story, everything is a a good wake up call. You are beautiful inside and out and a role model for women.

— Kelly Ramon, St. Louis

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