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[This] was a front row seat and behind the scenes look of two remarkable masters who consistently demonstrated courageous leadership, pure love, faith, and trust. Each of you walking your talk – and putting your voices and work out into the world strangely gave me permission to do the same with more focus, love, and intention. To intentionally decide to serve black leaders and coaches during a tender and tumultuous time when our community continued to be pummeled by the pandemic, racial injustice, and an economic collapse – there are no words for the way in which you selflessly held space for each of us. Your presence let us know we were seen, had the right to be heard, that the world needed our voices: and it was safe to share and be the truth of who we are.

--- Theresa Watts-Campbell, Michigan

One of the BEST coaching sessions I’ve ever had was with Monique DeBose. Monique’s Wholistic Voice Coaching sessions are gentle, yet sharp. She has a graceful way of calling forth the splendor within, in an almost seamless manner. I went into my first session thinking it was going to be a certain way; however, the organic way it unfolded blew my mind. I strongly recommend that you experience the treasure it is to work with Monique.

— Eridania Garcia, New York

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I’ve learned coaching skills from Monique DeBose that have forever changed how I work with my clients.

---Naima Beckles, New York

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Through the Kaleo Project I expanded my vocabulary and created a new word: self-empowerment! I exceeded my aim to go bolder with my brand and achieved standing up for my whole being.

I give my deepest gratitude for how you poured into me exactly how I needed it.

---Cordelia Gaffar

You are a star and are making an impact and difference by telling your story. I'm thrilled by your commitment to the process of this epic show- and I admire your courage and authenticity in sharing your story and experience. I for one, am one whose eyes have been widened and my heart more open- and my ears more willing and able to listen. Thank you for using your voice and telling your story.

— Allison Crow, Austin, TX

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Monique's work is sharp, focussed and smart. I was lucky enough to have a session with her. Our time was fun, engaging, heartfelt and brutally honest. She's helped me have an honesty with myself which has enabled me to approach my new show with a clarity and a bravery to truly express myself in the way I want. If you want a kick start, or an injection of honesty and a safe place to explore your work, your self and your heart. Then book her.

— Emma Stroud, London

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Have you ever wished you could feel seen, heard, and understood? If you have been blessed enough to have that in your life, treasure it. I was never so fortunate and then along came The Kaleo Project. Still in awe! I experienced something I did not know was possible- a collective of people who understood the struggle but understood success, opportunity, promise, authenticity, excelling, and who openly helped me ignite my fire. I was awakened to a concept that was actually an attainable reality for growth, understanding, and expansion. It was life-changing. And for a moment, it was life actualized. I am so grateful for what was brought into my awareness. It shattered stereotypes, doubts, and silence. Amazing experience. Thank You for allowing me to level up in an amazing space.

--- Tonia Emanuel

It was the most creatively energizing vocal practice I have ever experienced. I would love to do it again!

— Johan Beckles, Los Angeles

You demonstrate in a BOLD way just how beautiful and powerful and refreshing authenticity is. Your willingness to share your full self- your joy, your anger, fears, your story, everything is a a good wake up call. You are beautiful inside and out and a role model for women.

— Kelly Ramon, St. Louis

Thank you for a magical evening. You are brilliant! What an honor to be in the room with you. I am transformed and expanded.

— Karen Pery, Los Angeles

Incredible! I actually cried on my drive home, (tears of joy) because I feel like my voice that has been dormant for way too many years was awoken. THANK YOU for the safe environment and the creative space to come alive again. I didn’t realize just how much I miss singing, and craved the proper outlet to do so.

— Christina Drahos, Los Angeles

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