Live Workshops

Signature 3-Hour Live Workshop:
Unleash Your Authentic Voice

Vocal Integration workshops are designed to help you unleash your authentic voice. There are NO vocal requirements and you don't need to consider yourself a singer to participate in any of these workshops. You only need a desire to explore your voice and to connect with what you really want to say in the world.

How It Works


This live, in-person introductory workshop provides a safe and fun creative space where you will find yourself in a circle with 6 to 10 fellow students. You will learn practical skills in the art of vocal improvisation while discovering your authentic voice.

How You'll Benefit:
  • You will take risks and be stunned by the rewards.

  • You will have an experience of your authentic voice.

  • You will learn how to improvise right on the spot and sound great!

  • You will grow confidence in your ability as a singer.

  • You will have a ton of fun and take this newfound courage into your life.

3-Hour Live Workshop:
Unleash Your Authentic Voice
Date: TBD
Time: 1pm-4pm (Santa Monica, CA)
Cost: $197 USD
What Participants Are Saying About Monique

It was the most creatively energizing vocal practice I have ever experienced. I would love to do it again!

— Johan Beckles, Los Angeles

40-Day Vocal Improv Course:
Fall Into Self-Love

This transformative 40-day course, offered quarterly, combines powerful improvisation videos, weekly live calls with Monique, and a private Facebook community.

How It Works


Working independently from the privacy of your own home or office, you'll view 40 five-minute videos in 40 days. But the experience doesn't stop there. You'll be personally supported by Monique with weekly live calls and access to a private Facebook community. Whether you are a singer or NOT, you'll unleash your greatest voice and start living your best life.

How You'll Benefit:
  • You will take leadership of your own experience

  • You'll build your confidence, speak up, and take more risks

  • You'll clear out your head and open up to your higher wisdom

  • You'll have fun and learn to take yourself a little less seriously

  • You'll join a safe, loving community and discover that you're not alone

40 day Vocal Improv Course:
Fall into Self-Love
Dates: TBD
Cost: $397 USD
What Participants Are Saying About Monique

“This is one of the most amazing courses. Monique DeBose is so deep and present. The changes that it made for me in my voice, my confidence, my creativity and my self-expression are profound. Plus the love and support of amazing people along the way. My voice is tuneless but I found my sound!" Marcia Gladwin

6-week Mastermind Course:
Create & Integrate

This transformative 6 week course, offered only in late November/December, creates the space, structure and skill necessary for jump starting your new year. In a collection of consciously curated participants, you will CREATE & INTEGRATE 2019 and put in place the framework for living your best year yet.

How It Works


Working in a group mastermind with live weekly calls, invigorating and inspiring home assignments and with a 'support buddy', you will become aware of and learn to clear out all things that drain you of your precious energy and all things that fill you with energy. You will 'grow' your nervous system's allowing you to call in more of what you want for your life. You will have a great deal of fun and feel deeply supported and loved through the experience allowing you to live your best year yet. 

How You'll Benefit:
  • You will know what makes you feel alive and know how to have more of it in your life

  • You'll build your confidence, speak up, and take more risks

  • You'll learn how to live from your intuition

  • You'll have fun and have peace of mind and clarity moving into 2019

  • You'll be supported by a consciously curated group of powerful, integrated women

6-week Mastermind Group:
Create & Integrate 2019
Date: TBD
Cost: $997 USD
What Participants Are Saying About Monique

Monique brought together a collective of women that inspired and transformed my world...and I was one of them! 

— Mica Childs, Houston, TX

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