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Vocal Integration For The Workplace:
2-Hour To 2 Full-Days Custom Workshops 

Vocal Integration Workshops are ideal for team building, enhancing collaborating, changing process and deepening trust. Monique's groundbreaking events are designed to help teams unleash and express their best ideas through a proven creative improvisation process.

The Vocal Integration process facilitates an awakening in each member of your team, enhancing creativity and freeing a flow of ideas.


We explore play, meaning and cohesion to spark individual creativity while learning how to offer our individuals contributions to the group in a way that breeds affinity and cohesion.

How Can Improvisational Skills Taught In This Workshop
Be Applied To The Workplace?

Although diversity is the lifeblood of any strong organization, when the members of a team do not know how to work together as a unified body and use their inherent diversity to their advantage, it can result in interpersonal breakdowns that distract from the primary goal and objectives of the organization.  The exercises in this workshop teach participants how to integrate the individuals into a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

The skills taught in this course are the same ones that professional athletes and performance artists employ to thrill audiences and spectators.  The ability to master your inner experience in a “high stakes” situation is crucial, all while remaining present to what is happening in the room.  

These Skills Allow You To:
  • Think quickly on your feet in high pressure / high stake situations such as an interpersonal conflict, presentations or client pitches

  • Reframe the internal “I can’t” dialogue that runs unchecked into an "I can" attitude

  • Reframe the unconscious beliefs about 'others' into conscious awareness to make different, more life affirming choices

  • Move into a position of natural leadership no matter what your official “title” or rank

  • Have more influence with community members, customers, colleagues, supervisors, and direct reports

Monique’s training solutions are both challenging and fun. She uses techniques that have helped Hollywood’s top singers, actors and performers reach the top of their game. These techniques translate seamlessly to all workplace environments.

Corporate Events:
Workshops, Training & Events
Cost: Varies

Monique's Vocal Integration Workshops can also be ideal for breakouts for corporate conferences, association events, or leadership forums. Monique can give your group a much-needed break from the conference agenda by leading them through a truncated version of her Vocal Integration techniques. They'll return to the day's activities refreshed and ready for more learning.

Monique recommends a 30-minute to one-hour workshop, and is happy to customize a breakout that meets your business objectives and cultural tone.

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