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About me

I love that I was born in Hollywood, CA because I always knew I would be performing on a stage. I am the middle child of an African American father and an Irish American mother. They met in the Peace Corps and were part of the very first integrated cohort of volunteers. Because of their courage to love in the face of other's resistance, I learned very early on that

taking risks and following the heart are key to living a fulfilled life.

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I was a shy person for a lot of my life and I struggled. I found myself feeling like an outcast because I couldn't seem to just go along with what seemed like status quo. 

I kept my head down and excelled in school, going on to study Applied Mathematics with an emphasis in Operations Research at UC Berkeley. I became president of the National Society of Black Engineers at Cal and honed my leadership skills. I went on to have a short lived career at Merck- because on the outside, I looked wonderfully put together, but on the inside I felt like there was so much I needed to express that I didn't know how to and that left me frustrated, disappointed and resentful.


I had lived in a world that told me what to do, how to do it, what was appropriate to feel, what to like and what not to like. My authentic expression, my voice was shut down. 

I made some hard choices for myself- I gave up the career to follow 'a feeling' I had inside. It was one of the scariest and most rewarding choices I ever made. 

I went on to have a career as a singer, songwriter, playwright, spiritual psychologist and coach.

I believe self-expression is the key to healthy living. You must know how to listen to your true voice to be able to differentiate between the thoughts that are serving you versus the ones holding you back. 

When you develop the skills to trust your inner wisdom, you take the steps required to move closer towards your dreams- whether it be singing on a stage, advancing in your career or experiencing more peace and calm inside yourself. 

Now, after many years of supporting clients to step into their authentic voice and experience amazing results, my clients are living their dreams.

If you are tired of living somebody else's idea of a good life, then we should talk. You can access the wisdom and tools needed to create your unique, amazing life. 

Believe me. I did.

Other things you might like to know about me:

- When I was 12 years old I had malaria after living overseas and was relegated to the hospital for two weeks. 

- I didn't sing in public until I was 18 years old and was terrified.

- I volunteer with the incarcerated population of society and  have done so for years. I was pregnant working with these women and even pumped milk, after giving birth months later, in a prison guards office.

- I've sung all around the world. My two favorite places were in New Delhi, India and Beijing, China.

- I was engaged to my husband after knowing him for only 10 days.

- I trekked through the Himalayas for 10 days and felt closer to nature and God than I ever had before.

- I backpacked around southern Africa with my soon to be husband - with a truck and a tent for six weeks.

- I saw the movie Chicago three times in one week.

- I believe we are all divine beings having a human experience. 

- I know when people spend time with me, they feel more empowered, alive and more like themselves.


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